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  • How It Works

    Why it takes 3 to 4 weeks to deliver



    Pick your favorites from our high-quality collections, and add to your cart. Choose from our "Available Now" collection and receive your selection the following week. Or choose from our "Commission Order" collection and feel free to ask for special details!


    Pay Online

    Enter your address and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal. We ship world wide.


    Studio Work

    After receiving your order, I will either select and pack very carefully your pieces or sit at my wheel and create your pieces, and then let them dry slowly to avoid cracks.


    Bisque Firing

    Your "bone dry" pieces are now ready for their first firing, the "bisque firing", a low temperature firing which takes up to 3 days.


    Hand Glazing

    After getting your pieces from the kiln (ceramic oven), I hand glaze them with your desired design using a special, raised glaze on the outside and 2 coats of Crystal Clear food grade glaze on the inside.


    Glaze Firing

    Your hand glazed pieces are now ready for their final firing: "glaze firing", a very high temperature firing (around 2300 degrees) which brings the clay and the glaze to their final stage of completion.



    Your pieces are now ready for delivery!

    They will be tightly packaged to avoid breaking during transportation.

    In the very small chance that something breaks, please contact me ASAP for a refund or replacement.

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