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Art in the time of Pandemic

Here in Portland, we got asked to stay home mid March, to curve the up coming pandemic catastrophe.

Four months later.. the curve is not curved!

I'm still home, wearing my mask, protecting my people, at least trying.

Finally this weekend it all caught up to me. Enough!

My breath could make you sick, your breath could kill my mother..

How do we navigate our words and breath being held back behind a piece of fabric? How do we navigate not being able to hold our loved ones?

With love, care and patience.

So, and even though I miss my people, i miss hugging them, I miss contact, connections, parties, dance, dinners... I still wear my mask and I'll still keep my 6ft physical distance from you, from your mom, your sister and her baby.

And even though I'd give anything to hug you, I won't.

So I go back to my studio and I create new pieces. Pieces that you, hopefully, will enjoy using as much as I enjoyed making.

From my hands to yours, a detached touch.

I hope you can find your sanity through art, sport, music, nature or a good book. I hope you can hug at least one person daily..

with love,


What goes on a potter's head during the hours spend at the wheel?