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    the artist behind

    Queen of Cup

    Elodie Massa, the artist behind Queen of Cup

    From Paris to Portland OR.

    Elodie Massa, the lady behind Queen of cup, is a Parisian artist now happily settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A couple of years ago, she retired from a 20 years career in fashion design and tailoring. One of her calling cards in the industry was her unique skills in miniature sewing. For example: having her called in when there is a need for fine miniature work, such as creating all the costumes for the character “Coraline” in the film by Laika.


    She now has embraced her new passion: Ceramic.

    Going from sewing tiny stitches to turning tiny clay cups was very natural. Her passion for tea drinking led her to creating tea ware. Porcelain and stoneware her materials of choice for this delicate work...

    ...hours spent behind her wheel, centering lumps of clay, turning small vessels, firing, glazing delicate designs... a meditative practice bringing her a deep sense of peace and delight that she hopes you will see and feel when using her creations.

    "Throwing off the hump" is the technique

    Elodie uses to create her work.

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